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Planning our school year

Since we are brand new homeschoolers this year, I have been struggling with how I am going to plan things. Since I have no idea how long we will need to spend on each subject, it’s made it hard to schedule my lessons. So, for now I am going to plan by the week, hopefully a few weeks at a time. I have made a checklist, which I plan to fill out in advance with all the lessons to cover for the week, which can be checked off once they are completed. There is also a space to record any reading that was done. Feel free to use it for yourself if you find it helpful!

Weekly Checklist

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K12 Human Odyssey Volume 1 in Chronological Order

Upon skimming through Human Odyssey, I found it to go out of order sometimes.  So, I used the timelines at the end of each section to put it in chronological order.  This is how I plan on teaching it.  Please be aware that this is a rough attempt, as I have not fully read any of the book yet………but I thought it might help someone else.

K12 Human Odyssey Vol 1 Chronological Order

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Booklist for K12 Human Odyssey Volume 1

We will be using K12’s Human Odyssey Volume 1 as our history spine this year.  I have been working on a booklist for resources to go along with it.  I have linked to the Amazon page for each book so you can see the author and a picture.  My library has most of these, however, so you may want to check yours first. Some of the Medieval books may go past the timeline of the K12 book, but I went ahead and listed them.

Booklist for K12 Human Odyssey Vol 1

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Welcome to Willow Wood Academy!

My daughter and I are in our third year of homeschooling for 9th grade.  This is where I will be documenting our journey and hopefully posting some helpful things for others along the way!

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