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First Day! And pics of our new schoolroom…..

Today was our very first official day of homeschooling! It went smoothly, with only one minor attitude adjustment for my daughter. She was excited to get started this morning. Mostly it was all review, and we didn’t do every subject, but all in all it was a productive day!

We (thankfully!) finished our new schoolroom in time to start today. We each have a desk, and then a round table in the middle of the room that we bring our chairs over to when we are doing work together. The whiteboard is on the wall in between our desks so that we can see it no matter whether we are at the desks or the table. And then our maps are on the opposite wall with the bookcase.

I may still put a few more things on the wall, or something on the closet door (not shown in the pics). I’d like to put up a clock, but I am still trying to decide if that will be a distraction for my daughter. It is nice to have a dedicated room that we can work in. I am happy with how it turned out!

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Notebooking Pages

I have been playing around and made some notebooking pages that I wanted to share. I just got the Homeschool in the Woods Timeline Figures CD, so I plan on using some of those images in the boxes on these, or having my daughter draw something if she wants. I will use them mostly for history, but they would work for other subjects too. Enjoy!

Basic Notebooking Page Scroll
Basic Notebooking Page right side box
Basic Notebooking Page left side box
What I Learned About Page
Topic or Event Page
Notebooking Page four sections

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