Week 3 Report

We had our first co-op this week!  My daughter is taking Chorus & Karate there.  She really enjoyed her Chorus class at public school last year, so I had to find somewhere that she could continue singing.  She also has always wanted to try Karate, so she should have a lot of fun with that.  And maybe pick up a few self defense moves as well!

Here’s what we did this week:

For Math, we started on Art of Problem Solving Prealgebra.  We got through Chapter 1, did the exercises at the ends of the sections, and watched the videos online.  From now on, I think we will watch the video for each section BEFORE we start the exercises.  Math has always been her best subject, but I don’t think she ever understood the “why” of things.  AoPS seems very different from anything she has done before, so I want to make sure she is getting it.

For Logic, she continued working on her Perplexors workbook.  We also attempted to start the Art of Argument, but as I was reading the introduction I could see my daughter had no idea what I was talking about.  I think it may be a little bit too early to try this with her, considering she has never done Logic before.  So, I decided to shelf it for now and just do more introductory materials and puzzles, and try to pick AoA back up after Christmas or possibly next year.

For History, we worked through a few more chapters of Human Odyssey, still covering Mesopotamia and the Sumerians.  Science was more BFSU lessons for review.  For Grammar, we are using the 15-week sample of Advanced Language Lessons I received by emailing Susan Wise Bauer’s assistant at PHP.  So far, my daughter is really doing well with this, considering she has had little to no grammar before.  We also did a chapter of Grammarland.

Also this week was some Copywork, a Vocabulary Word Map & a unit on Greek and Latin Roots, and some Analogies pages and Elaboration activities.  She is also learning cursive for the first time and doing well with the Logic of English program.

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2 thoughts on “Week 3 Report

  1. Susan Dynarski

    We started on Art of Argument last week, as well. The first pages are drier and more abstract than those that follow, which use more examples. We are trying another week!

    Sue Dynarski

    • I have heard that. We are having a hard time fitting everything in as it is now, so I think I will still wait until at least after Christmas. We haven’t even started writing or art and music yet! And to think I wanted to do the Art of Poetry too!

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