Week 6 Report

We got quite a bit accomplished this week!

We continued Chapter 2 in AoPS Prealgebra, and also went back from the beginning and made flashcards of all the important rules.  I think this will help my daughter to have them easily accessible on index cards.  She has also been doing problems online at the Alcumus section of their website.  She finished up her first Perplexors workbook, and started on a new Math Perplexors one.

Grammar was more about verbs and verb tenses.  Again, she picked up on this fairly easily.  We started Writing with Skill this week.  The first week is practicing writing summaries.  She has not had much practice with this before (we went through WWE orally and pretty fast) so I had to help her, but she did pretty well considering this is where she has the most trouble.

For History, we continued studying Mesopotamia by reading some supplemental books from my booklist that I had checked out from the library. We also went back over the chapters we had read in Human Odyssey and I had my daughter take notes (with my help) on the important parts.  We also started reading about the Indus River Valley civilization in Chapter 10 of Human Odyssey.  We also worked a little on our timeline.

She also worked on another unit of Greek and Latin Roots, did more Cursive work, and worked on her Doodle Definitions.  This week in the Story of the Orchestra, we learned about the Cello.  Also another fun week at co-op for Chorus and Karate.

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