The best laid plans…….

So, when I decided to start homeschooling, I had this great idea that I would start a blog.  Mostly to document our journey and what we were learning, but also to hopefully post things that would help others along the way.  And I had visions that I would be posting every day.  Well, obviously that has not happened.  I’ve even missed my weekly reports for the last few weeks.  They had been getting kind of repetitious for me and not much fun to write.  And of course, after doing school and figuring out meals, plus laundry and everything else, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day!

The good news is, I have made some changes to our curriculum the past few weeks, and it is definitely for the better.  So, I am not going to go back and write weekly reports for the weeks I missed, but try my hardest to start back weekly from this point.

If anyone is interested in how my curriculum changed, please keep reading……..

My daughter was in public school K-6th grade.  She has always liked anything “workbooky”, partly because there seems to be alot of that in PS and that’s what she was used to, and partly (I just realized) because they are pretty much “black and white”, meaning you either know the answer or you don’t, and there doesn’t tend to be alot of writing involved (by this I mean something she has to compose).  Writing is where she really struggles, and is the main reason I pulled her out of PS.  I didn’t realize how bad it was until 6th grade, and that’s not because of a lack of involvement since I was very involved in her schooling at PS (as much as I could be).

Originally for homeschooling, I wanted to stay away from “workbooky” type things and busy work.  But then Scholastic had to go and have their Dollar Deals and I found alot of free resources online (being the frugal gal that I am), so I had all of this great “STUFF” to use.  Problem was, most of it was “workbooky” and there was so much of it I was going crazy trying to fit it all in and plan it according to what we were trying to study.  So, for the last few weeks I have ditched most of this “STUFF”, or “JUNK” as I renamed it, and got my focus back.

Also, today we started Rod & Staff for English and Spelling.  I will be using the English for both grammar and writing.  At this time, I am not adding another writing component until my daughter becomes more comfortable with it.  She still wants to run and hide when I ask her to write a sentence, so yeah it’s pretty bad.  For History, I have decided to not worry so much about reading every book I can find on a subject, because really and truly they mostly contain the same information.  Very freeing.  Honestly, deciding to pare down what we are using for each subject has really helped, and I feel like we have been getting more accomplished than before (gasp!  how is that possible?).  Until next week……..(hopefully) 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The best laid plans…….

  1. Linda

    I can understand what you mean about your daughter shying away from writing, mine is in 7th grade and in the last few months has actually begun to write on her own. Mine was such a reluctant writer, but I found that not pressing her too hard. We also use adaptive technologies–speech recognition mainly, to help her get her ideas out of her head and into a word processing program. Anyway, hope things work out for you and your daughter. Happy homeschooling!

  2. Thank you! Good Luck to you all!

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