Week 10 Report

Yay!  I remembered to post this week!  This week was very productive.  We took Friday off to go see a movie and do a little Christmas shopping, so that was fun and a nice little break.  Our co-op was cancelled this week due to a train derailment and chemical fire near the church it’s held at.  We got going into our new Rod & Staff English and Spelling lessons and they seem to be just what we needed.  They get the job done, and we aren’t doing a bunch of different things anymore. We have stopped Art of Problem Solving Prealgebra for now.  My daughter just wasn’t “getting it”.  So, we are going through the book Kiss My Math by Danica McKellar, and so far it seems to be helping.  We will work through the whole book and should be done well before Christmas, so I plan to try AoPS again after the new year.  She also started using Khan Academy online and has really been enjoying it.

We are studying Ancient Egypt in History.  We first read Human Odyssey, and then started reading through OUP’s The Ancient Egyptian World.  My daughter takes notes to help her remember the important points.  In Science, we started using CPO’s Earth Science.  I am using the free download, and my daughter is taking notes after I read the chapter.  We are also going through the section and chapter reviews orally.  This week we got through Chapter 3.

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