Notebooking Pages

I have been playing around and made some notebooking pages that I wanted to share. I just got the Homeschool in the Woods Timeline Figures CD, so I plan on using some of those images in the boxes on these, or having my daughter draw something if she wants. I will use them mostly for history, but they would work for other subjects too. Enjoy!

Basic Notebooking Page Scroll
Basic Notebooking Page right side box
Basic Notebooking Page left side box
What I Learned About Page
Topic or Event Page
Notebooking Page four sections

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K12 Human Odyssey Volume 1 in Chronological Order

Upon skimming through Human Odyssey, I found it to go out of order sometimes.  So, I used the timelines at the end of each section to put it in chronological order.  This is how I plan on teaching it.  Please be aware that this is a rough attempt, as I have not fully read any of the book yet………but I thought it might help someone else.

K12 Human Odyssey Vol 1 Chronological Order

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Booklist for K12 Human Odyssey Volume 1

We will be using K12’s Human Odyssey Volume 1 as our history spine this year.  I have been working on a booklist for resources to go along with it.  I have linked to the Amazon page for each book so you can see the author and a picture.  My library has most of these, however, so you may want to check yours first. Some of the Medieval books may go past the timeline of the K12 book, but I went ahead and listed them.

Booklist for K12 Human Odyssey Vol 1

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